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On 14 March 2024, the government announced a significant update to its Immigration Rules, aimed at refining the United Kingdom’s migration policy …

Introduction  On 4 December 2023, the Home Secretary announced several changes to the immigration system related to the Skilled Worker (SW) route. …

On 19 February 2024, the UK government released an important statement of changes to the Immigration Rules primarily addresses the Ukraine Scheme visas and Skilled Worker visas for care workers, senior care workers, and their family members.

The increase to the Immigration Health Surcharge was initially anticipated to come into force on 16th January 2024. However, due to delays in the legislative process, it has now been confirmed to take place from 6th February 2024...

Recently, the UK Home Office released details of a revised plan for the salary requirement for family visas. Full details of transitional provisions will be set out soon however it is intended that these measures will be implemented as follows...

The Government has announced plans to impose civil penalties in 2024, on employers who decide to encourage illegal working. This is a breach of their duties as an employer, under the prevention of illegal working regime, and therefore they can face serious fines.

So, you have officially submitted your sponsor licence application, and it has been approved by the Home Office. Usually, this will mean that your sponsor licence is now valid for four years. The next step is to understand how to maintain your sponsor licence.

There have been key adjustments to the Student Visa that have been made effective from 1st January 2024. Most importantly, majority of international students are now no longer allowed to bring family members with them to the UK as dependants.

What does a UK sponsor do?

Generally speaking, a UK sponsor employs migrant workers that must be sponsored to legally work in the UK. A company with a valid UK sponsor licence is obligated to carry out certain duties and responsibilities in line with immigration law.

To sponsor a Scale-up worker in the UK you need to ensure the following: you have an eligible Scale-up business; your business has a valid Scale-up sponsor licence; you are employing an eligible Scale-up worker.

There are a number of costs involved with sponsoring a foreign worker. A company has to pay for the sponsor licence, the certificate of sponsorship (CoS), the Immigration Skills Charge and other fees depending on the company.

A sponsor can issue a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) through the Sponsor Management System (SMS).

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