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Representative of an Overseas Business visa

We help existing visa holders who hold this visa to get their extension and indefinite leave to remain, subject to meeting certain conditions.

Can I still get help with a Representative of an Overseas Business visa?

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The Representative of an Overseas Business (ROB) visa is closed to new applicants. However, we can still help existing visa holders, as you are entitled to apply for extension and settlement under Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), subject to meeting the conditions of the visa.


To extend your existing ROB visa you must still be working for the same employer as when you were issued your previous visa, and your employer’s principal place of business is still outside the UK.

If you have met all the requirements and have already lived in the UK for an initial period of three years and four months, you are now entitled to apply to extend your stay for another two years, providing you fully comply with the requirements of the visa.

Indefinite leave to remain

In order to be eligible to apply for settlement or Independent Leave to Remain (ILR) you must have spent a continuous period of five years in the UK and must have spent no more than 180 days outside the UK in any 12 months. You must also meet the English language requirement and pass the Life in the UK test.

Upon achieving permanent residency after five years, applicants will not have any restrictions on employment. This benefit is significant, as it entitles you to then take on another business venture or employment.

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The process of extending a Representative of an Overseas Business visa can be lengthy and frustrating for businesses without the right guidance and advice. Bridge Partners has dealt with a number of businesses setting up in the UK for the first time and extending their UK visas.