We understand that relocating to a new country and starting up a business could be challenging and time consuming. With this in mind and to help our clients with a stress-free set up, we have partnered with well-known trusted providers globally to assist our corporate and private clients.

We specialise in dealing with the complex and specific needs of individuals, families, and private offices worldwide.

Real Estate

Setting up in a foreign country is not an easy task and requires reliable and trustworthy contacts and relationships. We have partnered with a number of real estate firms who will be available to assist and guide you throughout your investment and immigration in in the UK.

Business Consultancy

As part of your immigration needs when setting up in the UK, you may be required to produce extensive business plans with detailed financial forecasts and market research. We have extensive experience in this field and our advisers are available to provide this additional service.

Tax and Accounting

Tax and accounting could be complicated and complex and the rules differ depending on your status. It is important our clients are fully compliant when setting up in the UK. Our well-connected partners will help you structure and administer your assets in the most tax efficient way suiting your needs.

Company Services

We have partnered with international and UK corporate service providers to help our clients set up their businesses in the most efficient way. Our clients benefit from this service so they can set up as smoothly as possible whilst being fully compliant with local regulations.

Lifestyle Services

Our global partners are fully immersed in providing the most luxury service to our private clients. Whether our clients require assistance in finding the most luxury apparel to last-minute restaurant reservations and bespoke travel itineraries, we are here to assist.

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