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Significant Immigration Rule Changes Announced on 14 March 2024 

On 14 March 2024, the government announced a significant update to its Immigration Rules, aimed at refining the United Kingdom’s migration policy to give effect to its five-point plan announced last December. The new 289-page document, serves as this year’s second Statement of Changes, highlighting the government’s ongoing commitment to streamline immigration processes and address […]

Statement of changes to UK Immigration Rules

On 19 February 2024, the UK government released an important statement of changes to the Immigration Rules primarily addresses the Ukraine Scheme visas and Skilled Worker visas for care workers, senior care workers, and their family members.

Illegal Working Civil Penalty Fines expected to triple in 2024

The Government has announced plans to impose civil penalties in 2024, on employers who decide to encourage illegal working. This is a breach of their duties as an employer, under the prevention of illegal working regime, and therefore they can face serious fines.

Changes to the Student Visa Dependant Rules from January 2024

There have been key adjustments to the Student Visa that have been made effective from 1st January 2024. Most importantly, majority of international students are now no longer allowed to bring family members with them to the UK as dependants.

What does a UK sponsor do?

Generally speaking, a UK sponsor employs migrant workers that must be sponsored to legally work in the UK. A company with a valid UK sponsor licence is obligated to carry out certain duties and responsibilities in line with immigration law.

How do I issue a certificate of sponsorship?

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To sponsor a Scale-up worker in the UK you need to ensure the following:
you have an eligible Scale-up business; your business has a valid Scale-up sponsor licence; you are employing an eligible Scale-up worker.